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Paragliding equipment

Bruce Goldsmith has been designing paragliders and equipment since 1991, and has produced some of the world’s most loved and successful wings – including two world championship winning designs. He is assisted by test pilot Ant Green, who is also our film producer.

Experience and quality in products designed to win and enjoy sport safely.
6 times PPG World Champion
World Altitude Record 7.808m / 12.333ft.
World Distance Record 1.105km /1.768miles.

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Sol Paragliders Brazil is a company with more than 27 years of experience in the manufacture of high quality paragliders and harnesses. It has the highest safety standards in the certifications of its products.

BRUCE GOLDSMITH DESING Introduction price to Puerto Rico 15% discount on the any purchase of BGD brand.

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The Auster GT is our second full reflex wing project for exclusive paramotor use. The GT concept means 'Gran Tour' representing a fast canopy, that manages to perform long XC adventures with all possible comfort. Designed for intermediate qualified pilots, it is a wing that satisfies the vast majority of motorized flight users who search for safety, ease of operation paired with good performance and want to improve safely with a high level of comfort.

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Competiton / Cross Country

The CXC Pro is the most sophisticated harness we ever developed. It was designed to attend the demand of competition and XC pilots for aerodynamic efficiency, safety and comfort. Its ergonomic and geometric shape is based on the new paraglider projects where the harness is a fundamental element to maximise the potential of the whole equipment. The CXC Pro has a unique variable geometry system, 2 rescues and achieved the best back protection result of all speed bag harnesses on the market.

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